The Oalid Guard

In days past, the general city guard of Iadra was also responsible for protecting the city’s royalty. However, after a long ago king was assassinated, the rising Queen Oali created a separate guard for her family. Since then, the Oalid Guard has become the most elite guard in Aurestris. No assassination attempts have been successful since; indeed, the only one that anyone has heard of was a very public attempt on the king that preceded Mariala. Warriors come from all over Aurestris to attempt the entrance exam, seeing the Guard as the pinnacle of honor a warrior can attain. Over recent years, as Queen Mariala has spread her influence, the Oalid Guard has grown, and members of the order are stationed across her lands. They serve as a visual reminder of her power, but also as her stalwart eyes and ears across Aurestris.

The Arcane Exchange

In its new heyday of innovation, a new organization has exploded out of Oldtown. Immensely popular with common folk and inventors alike, the Exchange takes commissions from customers, asking for an item or items that will complete or aid in the completion of some task. The request is considered by arcanists and scientists alike, and designed and shipped back for modest fees. The work is largely done in Oldtown, though a new branch is under construction in Ironroost. The Exhange is somewhat at odds with the Infinite Consortium.

The Infinite Consortium

Jokingly referred to as the worst kept secret in Aurestris, the Consortium is the most widespread underground organization on the continent. Unsurprisingly based out of Ruskipatt, the Consortium is known for extortion, blackmail, loan sharking, thievery, and even assassination, but for a long time, they were the only organization large and powerful enough for the desperate man to turn to. For the right coin, they can complete near any job, acquire any merchandise. The Consortium has had a rough go of it in recent years: the Arcane Exchange has budged in on the item-dealing market at better prices, and for reasons yet unexplained, activity has dipped in the last decade. The organization still holds itself together, though, and can be reached in almost any town or city.

The Rangers’ Guild

One of the oldest organizations to spread across Aurestris, the Rangers’ Guild is the group to contract when things need doing: they can hunt, they can escort, they can protect. However, they have been stretched thin, and where they once claimed enough men to service the whole continent, the Guild only operates out of a few cities now. Its headquarters is still in service in Dalhurst, and other chapters still do what work they can, but it seems the Guild may soon collapse and leave just the Dalhurst chapter standing alone.

The Spotted Cliffs

Almost more of a region than an organization, the Spotted Cliffs are a series of slightly larger homesteads along the southern border of the Spotted Hills, where the region blends into the Stonecrash Mountains. Since olden times, these families have taken upon themselves the duty of protecting the Spotted Hills from any threats from the south. Since the member homes of the Spotted Cliffs are few, it is tradition for families across the Hills to send their thirdborn son (should they produce so many) to serve the Cliffs. Recently, there have not been any large threats, but they still patrol to ward off the goblinoids that infest the mountains.

The Cycle

Beyond the areas where aether is commonly regarded as divine, there are activists who seek to abolish any practices that they see as destroying aether. Organized (out of necessity) in Ruskipatt, the Cycle is capable of mobilizing protesters, lobbyists, and even strike forces to combat what they perceive as the growing misuse of aether. The Cycle has had some success in Oldtown and Ironroost, where naturalists, scientists, and arcanists are enacting serious study into the effects of heavy aether use; meanwhile, most policymakers in Ruskipatt have labelled the Cycle as a terrorist group that opposes progress. Beyond these cities, the Cycle’s reputation is a mixture of these other views.

The Skywise Monasteries

While not an official collective by any means, the six monasteries that occupy the highest peaks in the Addewaqi Mountains are often referred to as such. 


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